Oct. 29, 2021

The Chicago Blackhawks, Stan Bowman and Joel Quenneville | Episode 84

The Chicago Blackhawks, Stan Bowman and Joel Quenneville | Episode 84

We break down the situation with the Chicago Blackhawks now that the official report has been released

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On this episode, we ask the following questions about the Chicago Blackhawks report. We know this is a hard episode to listen to for some people so please listen at your own willingness:

  • People think that yesterday was a "bad day for hockey". Do you agree? (1:00)
  • Why was Stan Bowman allowed to step down? And how weak was his statement? (16:00)
  • Do we think that all the 2010 players still on the team are on the COVID list to avoid Toronto media? (21:00)
  • Does Jonathan Toews deserve more flack than what he's getting? His name has not been mentioned in any reports about knowing. (27:00)
  • Lots of journalists are catching fire for only starting to report on the situation yesterday. Do you think this is fair? Also, shoutout to Rick Westhead and Katie Strang, who we've mentioned numerous times leading up to this episode as well. And Paul Vincent, one of the only internal Chicago execs who spoke out in support of the John Doe.
  • What do we think happens with Cheveldayoff and Quenneville?(42:00)
  • What about Marc Bergevin, who was not named in the report. (51:00)
  • According to the report there were converastions the night they found out but they chose not to do anything as to not distract the team. Also stated that during the time of inaction, Aldrich gave unwanted sexual advances to a Blackhawks' intern. (52:00)
  • Jim Gary, who I believe was shown to be one of the good guys earlier in the case, may be wrong, apparently used naked women, crude jokes and explicit sexual content to get players to engage with him. (Mental skills coach). (54:00)
  • Jeff Marek "If your desire to win the Stanley Cup is more important than protecting a young person trying to find a place in your organization then you should not be employed in this league." (56:00)
  • Danny Wirtz seemed to say a lot of the right things. (56:30)
  • Does this have ripple effects across the league? Looking at Guerin and a coverup he might have been responsible for in Pittsburgh. (57:00)
  • More Quenneville: (1:03:00)

Also note: This episode was recorded before Toews and Kane were made available to the media. With that being said, we change our opinions on Toews' responsibility and contribution to the situation. Their answers to the media were overall shameful, dismissive, and wishy-washy about whether they knew or not.

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