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Eric your great at this I love you and the podcast


Very informative and interesting. Great work!


Shoutout Martin

Absolute chaos in the best way possible

Very refreshing that everything isn’t presented in some super artificial manner. It’s exactly what it claims to be, just some buddy’s “talking hockey”. Came for the analytics (which are still great), stayed for the friend group bickering. #ShutupTie

Shut the F*** Up, Martin.

Not every straight white guy is meant for podcasting. Learn to not interrupt someone by repeating the same thing you’ve said four times.

Five stars to cheer up Martin

Five stars to cheer up Martin


Great content, would definitely recommend.


Awesome podcast

Good hockey talk

Wicked content covering all the teams, a little less blabbering about the laffs would be great


Such good content. One of the guys on this podcast is really really smart. I think his name is Tie?

Easily the best hockey podcast out there

I first heard about this podcast through their Instagram account (@talkinghockey). I gave the first episode a listen and I loved it. I’ve listened to each one since and can honestly say this is awesome for the average hockey fan. Every topic they cover is discussed thoroughly and their evaluations of teams/players are spot on. The channel/page has also gave me a much better understanding of advanced stats, something I never really looked at much before. While it is super informative, I find them pretty entertaining and funny too. Highly recommend you give them a listen.

Awesome podcast!

This is both a hilarious and really informative podcast, I really recommend it

Talking Hockey? More like talking life!

As the podcast host, I may be biased, but wow! Excellent commentary about hockey and we are absolutely hilarious. Listen for great content!

Best hockey podcast

Absolute best hockey podcast out there. Listen and follow them on Instagram if you have an interest in advanced stats, or just wanna improve your fantasy hockey team.

It’s fantastic

This podcast is perfect 10/10 I highly suggest following there instagram lots of information on that as well

Great content

If you are a hockey fan and u want to learn more about advanced stats and analytics and how they work these are the guys

great hockey content

follow these guys on instagram and twitter. most informative and unbiased takes that i’ve seen on the internet!

Great content

Follow these guys on Instagram, Twitter, and now, this podcast! Essential, new-age, analytics driven content. Great banter, especially for a first episode. Audio will be cleaned up in the near future I’m sure, just a slight bit of echo.

Boys are back

Exactly the analysis I wanted, love listening to this on the bus, thanks guys.