Why Draisaitl Doesn't Deserve The Hart or Lindsay and Our Other Awards Opinions | Episode #30

Sept. 25, 2020

All the 2020 NHL award winners have been announced and it's time for the opinions that no one asked for!

Eric Staal Trade, Goaltending, The Conference Finals, and Peter Laviolette | Episode #29

Sept. 18, 2020

On this episode we discuss the Eric Staal trade, Marc-Andre Fleury and the crazy goaltending this playoffs, what the conference finals looked like, and why the Laviolette hire could work for the Capitals.

The Best and Worst GMs of the 2020 Season | Episode #28

Sept. 11, 2020

On this episode, we discuss the GM of the year finalists that came out this week and breakdown who we think deserved it and why!

Analyzing The Trade Bait Board, The Montreal Canadiens' Offseason, and Laine Rumours | Episode #27

Sept. 4, 2020

On this episode, we discuss what the Jake Allen trade means for Montreal and what their offseason might look like, the TSN trade bait board, and other trade rumours like Laine and Letang.

New Salary Cap and Draft Rules the NHL Should Implement | Episode #26

Aug. 28, 2020

We think that the NHL could do with some new rules to make the league a little more fun. These rules include: Trading salary cap space, adding a luxury cap, and getting rid of the draft and letting prospects choose where they want to play.

Tuuka Rask, Playoffs Update, and This Week's Winners and Losers | Episode #025

Aug. 21, 2020

On this episode, we discuss the Tuuka Rask situation, how the playoffs are going for each series and team, and who we think the winners and losers of the world are (beyond just the NHL).

Picking Our 2020 NHL Playoff Winners and Stanley Cup Champions | Episode #24

Aug. 14, 2020

On this episode, Martin, Luke and Tie pick every East and West 2020 Playoff round winner.

Selecting Our Seattle Expansion Draft Team | Episode #23

Aug. 7, 2020

On this episode, we let Martin pick his Seattle Expansion Team. If you missed out on our protected picks, make sure to revisit last week's episode.

Selecting Our Seattle Expansion Draft Protections| Episode #22

July 31, 2020

On this episode, we let Martin run the discussion again with his list Seattle expansion draft protected players.

When Should Teams Go All In For A Cup? | Episode #21

July 24, 2020

On this episode, we talk about whether it's better to be an "all-in" team or to build a dynasty and what that looks like for different teams.

How Players and Teams Use Analytics with Sam Gagner | Episode #20

July 17, 2020

In this episode, we talk with NHL player Sam Gagner, currently on the Detroit Red Wings, about the NHL restart plan and how excite players are to get back to playing. We also cover some questions and concerns that fans and players might be having regarding scheduling, safety, and playing in empty s…

Is the Draft Lottery Broken? Talking Hockey Debates | Episode #19

July 10, 2020

With COVID-19 affecting the season, the draft lottery takes a new shape. What we already know: the first overall pick will go to a team in the "playoffs". This could range from a team like the New York Rangers, to a team like Pittsburgh or the Leafs. Is this fair? Is this broken? That's exactly wha…

2020 NHL Draft rankings: 11-40 with Rachel Doerrie | Episode #18

July 3, 2020

On this episode, we round off last week's episode with the list of elites prospects ranked 11-40 in the 2020 NHL Draft. This is part two of our series with Rachel. If you haven't, make sure to listen to last week's episode for picks 1-10.

2020 NHL Draft rankings: 1-10 with Rachel Doerrie | Episode #17

June 26, 2020

On this episode, we ask Rachel Doerrie of Elite Prospects how she fell in love with hockey and her career path. We also discuss the top 10 draft rankings for the upcoming 2020 season. This is part one of a two part series with Rachel. We will be finishing off the top 40 list in next week's episode …

Who Are The Best First Overall Picks Since 2000? | Episode #16

June 19, 2020

On this episode, we let Tie pick rank his list of best first overall draft picks since the year 2000. This includes hot takes about Patrick Kane, Marc-Andre Fleury, and many more! I bet we all know who the last two players are though. You can find the link to the audience survey here. Make sure to …

What Would An Eichel Trade Look Like? Is Ovi a Top 5 Player All Time? | Episode #15

June 12, 2020

On this episode, we take some questions from our IG followers. These include questions about Eichel and the Sabres, Ovechkin and his all time greatness, as well as conversations about Datsyuk and John Tortorella's statements about kneeling during the anthem. Make sure to follow us on Instagram in t…

Can You Really Just Stick To Sports? | Episode #14

June 5, 2020

With things bigger than sports going on in the world right now, is there an expectation for athletes to speak up? If so, what is their message? With players like Tavares, Toews, Crosby, McDavid, Kane and most of the teams making statements against racism and the murder of George Floyd, we discuss w…

The 2020 NHL Playoff Format and Picking Our First Round Winners | Episode #013

May 29, 2020

With the new NHL Playoff format for the first round officially voted upon, Martin, Eric, Luke and Tie break down what this will look like for the league and who benefits the most. We also pick our first round winners as well the our bye seeds. Who do you think will benefit the most? Do you think th…