October 15, 2021

Ranking Where Each Team Will End Up In Their Division | Episode #82

On this episode we pick which teams we think will make the playoffs, what teams might be surprise picks and dark horses, and we let Eric end the show with a rant about the Rangers rebuild

October 08, 2021

EA Rankings, Robin Lehner, Canuck Contracts and the Facebook Whistleblower | Episode #81

We focus on the EA Rankings that got revealed this past week, the tweets from Robin Lehner and the problems it could cause around the league, Hugh's and Peterson's contracts and more

October 01, 2021

Analyzing The Top 200 Fantasy Player Rankings of the 2021-2022 Season | Episode #80

On this episode Martin and Eric break down their fantasy hockey overvalued and undervalued players

September 24, 2021

Discussing Goalie Contracts, RFA Signings and Holdouts, and Vaccines | Episode #79

Talking about the latest news in goalie contracts, what the Dahlin and Karpizov signings mean and what's the deal with players not getting vaccinated

September 17, 2021

Luke is Back, Stan Bowman, Evander Kane, Zach Parise and Other Offseason News | Episode #78

Luke is Back, Stan Bowman, Evander Kane and Other Offseason News

September 03, 2021

Ranking The Top 10 NHL Goalies and Why Hellebuyck Isn't On The List | Episode #77

We bring Nick, our resident goalie "expert", on the episode to discuss the top goalies, most overrated goalies and best goalie prospects in the league.

August 27, 2021

Discussing The Arizona Coyotes Eviction and Where They Could Move | Episode #76

We review Luke's date episode and where the Arizona Coyotes could find themselves in 2023

August 20, 2021

The Top 10 Best and Worst Contracts in the NHL | Episode #75

Breaking down Dom Luszczyszyn's top 10 best and worst contracts in the NHL based on long-term value

August 16, 2021

Rating the Eastern Conference Team's Offseasons | Episode #74

Breaking down how the Eastern Conference teams improved, digressed, or stayed put

August 13, 2021

Rating the Western Conference Team's Offseasons | Episode #73

Breaking down how the Western Conference teams improved, digressed, or stayed put

August 06, 2021

Breaking Down NHL Free Agency A Week Later | Episode #72

Taking a look at all the new contracts in the second week of NHL Free Agency

July 30, 2021

Reviewing the Seattle Expansion Draft and Recent Trades | Episode #71

Analyzing the Seattle Kraken expansion draft and the trades like Jones, Fleury and More

July 23, 2021

2021 NHL Draft Rankings 1-30: Analyzing The Draft Pool with Rachel Doerrie | Episode #70

Rachel Doerrie joins Talking Hockey to discuss the first 30 picks of this year's NHL Draft

July 16, 2021

Dissecting The Crazy First Week of the NHL Off-Season | Episode #69

Lots of things happened over the course of the first week of the off-season and we're here to break it down

July 09, 2021

Our Thoughts on Duncan Keith, the NHL Award Winners, and Tyson Barrie | Episode #68

On this episode, the boys discuss our thoughts on the Duncan Keith situations, the winners of the NHL awards and what might happen with Tyson Barrie

June 25, 2021

Was The North Really The Worst Division, Eichel Rumors, and Gallant's Hiring | Episode #67

We discuss if the North Division was really that bad, what an Eichel trade might look like, and what Gallant's hiring in New York might look like

June 18, 2021

Talking the Semi-Finals, Bill Burr, Luke's Haircut and Martin's Dates | Episode #66

We talk about Luke's latest haircut, the NHL Semi-Finals and our winners, and why the NHL needs to work with Bill Burr

June 11, 2021

Mark Scheifele and the Winnipeg Jets, PK Subban, and the Vegas Golden Knights | Episode #65

On this episode we talk about Mark Scheifele's end of year interview, the Winnipeg Jets, and the Vegas Golden Knights

June 04, 2021

The Leaf Collapse, Draft Lottery and Our Second Round Playoff Picks | Episode #64

On this episode, Luke, Nick and Tie talk about what has transpired over the last week of the playoffs.

May 28, 2021

Discussing the First Round so Far and Bad Goalie Takes with Nick | Episode #63

On this episode we discuss the first round of the playoffs including the Oilers and Avs, as well as allow Nick to make some really bad takes about goalies.

May 21, 2021

Is Crosby Better Than McDavid and the First Week of the Plays | Episode #62

On this week, we talk about the first week of the playoffs and let Martin, Tie and Eric debate on who is better... Crosby or McDavid?

May 14, 2021

First Round Playoff Predictions and Quinn, Tortorella and NHL Coach Movement | Episode #69

On this episode we talk about all the recent coach firings and termination of contracts as well as our first round playoff predictions.

May 07, 2021

The Implosion of the New York Rangers and NHL Player Safety from Wilson to Davidson to Gorton | Episode #60

On this episode we cover the news that came out of the New York Rangers franchise over the course of a week including the Wilson/Panarin situation, the press release, the firing of Davidson and Gorton, to the absolute mess of NHL Player Safety

April 23, 2021

Patrick Marleau, Disciplining Players, Women's IIHF and Getting Goalie'd | Episode #59

On this episode, we talk about Patrick Marleau's record, the Nylander/internal disciplining of players, what it means that Women's IIHF got canceled and the idea of "being goalie'd"