Talking Hockey

Talking Hockey

Just a group of guys who like to talk. Sometimes it's even about hockey! Follow us on IG @talkinghockey for more like this.

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Talking the Semi-Finals, Bill Burr, Luke's Haircut and Martin's Dates | Episode #66

June 18, 2021

We talk about Luke's latest haircut, the NHL Semi-Finals and our winners, and why the NHL needs to …

Mark Scheifele and the Winnipeg Jets, PK Subban, and the Vegas Golden Knights | Episode #65

June 11, 2021

On this episode we talk about Mark Scheifele's end of year interview, the Winnipeg Jets, and the Ve…

The Leaf Collapse, Draft Lottery and Our Second Round Playoff Picks | Episode #64

June 4, 2021

On this episode, Luke, Nick and Tie talk about what has transpired over the last week of the playof…

Discussing the First Round so Far and Bad Goalie Takes with Nick | Episode #63

May 28, 2021

On this episode we discuss the first round of the playoffs including the Oilers and Avs, as well as…

Is Crosby Better Than McDavid and the First Week of the Plays | Episode #62

May 21, 2021

On this week, we talk about the first week of the playoffs and let Martin, Tie and Eric debate on w…

First Round Playoff Predictions and Quinn, Tortorella and NHL Coach Movement | Episode #69

May 14, 2021

On this episode we talk about all the recent coach firings and termination of contracts as well as …